Development & Capacity Building

Solutions to Build a Stable Society

As a trusted partner with law enforcement, the Department of State, and other international development organizations, Mission Essential helps customers combat transnational organized crime, trafficking, and political instability.

Mission Essential supports US foreign policy’s three-pronged strategy of diplomacy, development, and defense in an era of tight budgets. Our senior development and capacity building leaders have developed multi-national operations and global intelligence-sharing platforms that interdict the stability threats of our highly kinetic world.

We work in complex environments requiring an in-depth analysis of areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, and events in order to understand the human terrain.

Our highly qualified security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have decades of international experience in all facets of security. Additionally, they have developed global platforms for intelligence-sharing in the Middle East, Central/South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Our SMEs have developed large-scale strategies to support security organizations with:

  • Partner Training and Mentoring
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Peacekeeping and Rule of Law
  • Counter-Narco Terrorism and Trafficking
  • Cultural Advisory and Linguistics

Mission Essential delivers operational solutions for high-consequence missions.

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