Intelligence & Insight

Solutions for Critical Decision Making

As a trusted partner with the Defense and Intelligence Communities, Mission Essential provides tailored analytic solutions to complex problem sets and supports intelligence operations for warfighters.

Our intelligence professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) support the entire intelligence cycle, across all domains. Our cross-functional understanding and knowledge ensures current operational insights and long-term strategic experience are leveraged into every solution. We have experience providing intelligence solutions for:

  • Multi-Domain Intelligence Operations
  • All-Source Analysis and Production
  • Targeting and Collection Support
  • Language-Enabled Analysis
  • Policy Support

We understand the characteristics of effective intelligence— timely, relevant, accurate, predictive, and tailored. We believe critical thinking and communication skills are as important to analysts as understanding the intelligence cycle. We emphasize these skills for our analysts, regardless of the mission they support.

Mission Essential delivers operational solutions for high-consequence missions. We have successfully provided thousands of analysts, and operational support personnel in high-threat areas over the past decade. Our senior intelligence leaders have global experience providing cost effective, high-quality solutions.

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