Solutions to Dominate the Cyberspace Domain


As a reliable and responsive partner to the Defense and Intelligence Communities, Mission Essential provides cutting-edge solutions to enable cyberspace superiority in support of critical missions and the warfighter.

Our cyber professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) support the full spectrum of cyberspace operations, intelligence, and training. Our cross-functional understanding and knowledge ensures current operational insights and long-term strategic experience are leveraged into every solution. We have experience providing cyber solutions for:

  • Cyber Intelligence & Counterintelligence
  • Insider Threat Analysis
  • Cyber Training (Operations & Intelligence)
  • Digital Forensics & DOMEX
  • Network Exploitation

We understand the threat and challenges – from hacktivists to state-sponsored actors in a rapidly evolving technology environment. We believe creative, out-of-the-box thinking can be one of the most important assets to a cyber mission faced with these emerging and evolving threats. We emphasize these skills for our analysts, regardless of the mission they support.

Mission Essential delivers operational solutions for high-consequence missions. We have successfully provided thousands of analysts, and operational support personnel in high-threat areas over the past decade. Our senior cyber leaders have global experience providing cost effective, high-quality solutions.


No one saw the agents taking the three men out of the Frankfurt townhouse that night.
In fact, only a handful of people in Germany had seen the men at all. They had remained for the most part hidden, plotting their attack, visible only to the most radical of online militants … and to one very resourceful Mission Essential specialist from half-way across the world.

Ramon S. combines years of US Intelligence experience with a thorough knowledge of information technology. It’s a background that’s given him a unique perspective, one that’s allowed him to create a way to search social media sites and public forums to find impact players in nefarious groups.

His application and techniques are being utilized by both our military branches and our allies and his work is proving vital in ensuring that virtual threats like the three men in Germany never become real ones.