Solutions for Bridging Cultures


As a proven partner to the Defense Department, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement Agencies, Mission Essential Language and Logistics Solutions helps customers protect and defend their interests against terrorism, contingencies and crisis, and other hazards to global security.


Demonstrating expeditionary and operational experience, we have successfully provided thousands of linguists in high-threat areas over the past decade. Our program managers have global experience providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions.


Mission Essential Language and Logistics Solutions has an unrivaled capability in the deployment and execution of advanced linguistic services. With the experience and logistical expertise of deploying over 20k linguists in support of contingencies worldwide, we can operate anywhere with efficiency and flexibility.

Deliver verbal and written communications to and from target language(s) and English

Develop and deliver language training and or curriculum based on customer requirements

Monitoring, transcribing, translating, interpreting and analyzing source material

Experienced linguist professionals with extensive experience and a cultural understanding

Language professionals who Identify foreign communications using signals equipment

Our linguistic support for our customers goes beyond pure translations and interpretations. Mission Essential Language and Logistics Solutions has existing contracts and cross-trains its best personnel in technical and analytical areas. Our current linguists provide full life-cycle management of operational, logistical, and contingency support.


Mission Essential Language and Logistics Solutions delivers operational solutions for high-consequence missions.


Captain Richard Phillips knew his Somali captors were becoming desperate.
With the world watching the small lifeboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the four pirates inside were running out of options. And making sure one of those options wasn’t violence was Mission Essential linguist, Nemo.

As the sole communication conduit between the pirates and the Navy, Nemo played a pivotal role in the standoff by using his knowledge of Somali culture to win the trust of the pirates.

And even when the pirates began firing, Nemo stood his ground, refusing to wear protective gear to gain the pirates’ favor. It was a decision that paid off because while a protective vest might have saved his life, not wearing it ultimately saved the mission.

Nemo’s role in the standoff was only touched on briefly in the movie “Captain Phillips,” but it’s no stretch to say the mission would not have been completed without him.