The Mission Essential Group was formed because a few keen people recognized the need to support the war-fighter around the clock with innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Many of the founding members had formerly served and knew of the criticality of real-time advantages in the Information Warfare domain. Today we continue to adapt and evolve with new and exciting technological challenges, but we hold true to the principle of dynamically reacting to the needs of our customers with all of the resources we have available. We do this because the war-fighter does not have the luxury to wait on someone else's solution.


Providing tailored solutions to complex problem sets and supports intelligence operations for warfighters. The intel center of excellence provides timely, insightful, objective, and relevant intelligence about the activities, capabilities, plans, and intentions of potential threats, both at home and abroad, to inform decisions on national security issues and events. 


Leveraging cross-functional understanding and knowledge to ensure current operational insights and long-term strategic experience frame every solution. Support the intelligence cycle across multiple organizations and agencies providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions.   


For over two decades, The Mission Essential Group’s supply chain solutions and our extensive global partnerships have been delivering people and material around the world. Whether it’s business or technical expertise, import/export services, warehousing, distribution, or full end-to-end multi-modal transportation solutions - we stand at the ready to exceed your expectations. Have a cold chain, dry, liquid, drayage, or bulk problem? Look no further than The Mission Essential Group.


Supplying difficult-to-find language experts in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Providing intelligence support, training, and technical services to the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and development agencies. Helps customers protect and defend their interests against terrorism, contingencies and crisis, and other hazards to global security.  


People, process, and technology is what sets us apart. Our people have experience recruiting some of the hardest-to-find talent globally. They are experts in all aspects of recruiting across a broad range of industries. Our team of recruiters have the experience and knowledge to make your career or talent search seamless and successful. 


Tailored cyber security solutions to combat advanced threats and provide organizations with affordable enterprise-grade SOC solutions. 

  • Offensive Cyber Operations 
  • Defensive Cyber Operations 
  • Cyber integration Support 


As part of our total solutions, The Mission Essential Group divisions are often called upon to develop, suitcase, and delver the training components necessary for success. And not only to ensure a productive kick-off, but also to implant the systematic tools and methodologies required to support on-going resilience against attrition, ever-evolving requirements, and fluid change management needs. Throughout our company’s history, our training and trade-craft experts have supported theaters and operations centers around the world, and can be deployed in whatever location and language you require to address your needs.


Custom cloud solutions including containerization, pipelines, multi-region redundancy and business continuity, deployment, environment management, accessibility, and security. 


Delivering superior freight handling and warehouse solutions that help companies increase production, raise efficiency, and improve profitability.


Remote and On-premise solutions for infrastructure, deployment, network, endpoint security and workstation management.


Communication's skill sets and capabilities run deep across The Mission Essential Group's divisions, both internally for our own company and externally, to support our customers' missions. Internally, the Mission Essential group's specialist's ensure ubiquitous access and secure communications for our 17 domestic and 47 international locations - and often in the harshest environments. Externally, extensive network engineering, management, design, analysis, and operations expertise (including state-of-the-art SatCom) are delivered to support their missions as well. You'll find Mission Essential resources and solutions deployed wherever failure is not an option.


Mission specific application development, enhancement, and maintenance in support of overall mission objectives.


When faced with challenging business or technical infrastructure design, planning, or operations problems - look no further than The Mission Essential Group. For almost two decades, our divisions have been doing this for the most demanding customers on the planet - and with multi-lingual solutions. We have the people, processes, and technology to deliver the right secure infrastructure alternatives for your specific requirements. As early adopters in taking our company to the Cloud, we are experts in being able to deliver the best pure or hybrid approaches available.