Founder and Chairman

Gregory K. Miller

Gregory K. Miller, Chairman and Founder of The Mission Essential Group, has spent his life dedicated to serving. For 16 years, he served in both reserve and active duty in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces soldier with multiple deployments in various conflict zones around the globe. It was during that time his exposure to the quality and level of service from other civilian contractors sparked the idea for the creation of Mission Essential. He instinctively knew that if he could put together the right team - with a common purpose and focus on the mission - that he could create a higher value, higher-performing support structure than he had experienced as a warfighter in-theater. In 2004, Mission Essential was born to provide top-notch Linguistic and Cultural Services to all branches of the military and other federal agencies. Today, what started as a single entity is now a multi-divisional conglomerate that continues to prospect and expand into further opportunities and customer sets.  

Vice-Chairman Emeritus

Jon Ricker

Jon Ricker has served as Vice-Chairman of The Mission Essential group since 2016. His background spans almost 40 years of progressive experience as an Officer/ Executive Officer (including CEO, COO, CIO, CAO, Vice-Chairman) in the Automotive, Logistics and Transportation, Telecommunications, Retail, and Government Contracting Industries. Ricker is a proven, seasoned senior business executive with a deep technology background (including big data and machine learning) as well as significant experience in developing and leading Brand Growth, Visioning, and Strategic Planning for several Fortune 100 companies. 

Executive Vice President

Ralph Miller

Ralph has been with Mission Essential since 2014 after retiring as a Colonel from the U.S. Army. With over 26 years of active federal service in Military Intelligence and Armor, he brings a wealth of operational knowledge, international experience, and executive leadership to our team. As our Executive Vice President, Ralph continues to manage and direct the Enterprise Shared Services division comprised of HR, IT, Logistics, Security, and Contracting/Procurements.

SVP, Operations and Growth

Paul Doyle

Paul has been with Mission Essential since 2016 and serves as the Vice President of Intelligence. He is responsible for leading Mission Essential's global intelligence workforce, which supports a wide variety of customers. Paul is a proven leader who has been adding value for Defense and Intelligence Agencies for more than twenty years. 

VP Business Development

Bryan Hurley

Bryan has been with Mission Essential since 2010 and serves as Vice President of Business Development. He leads the business development portfolios for Language, Training and Logistics. Bryan brings more than 20 years of experience in the intelligence and defense markets, as an intelligence analyst, interpreter, operator and sales manager. 

VP, Operations

John Doran

John joined Mission Essential in 2008. He leads an extensive business unit spanning over 40 countries and is responsible for customer growth. John brings more than 35 years of experience in the intelligence community, 22 years of those serving in the US Navy. John retired from service as a senior enlisted Command Master Chief. 


Greg C (002)
VP, Intel Programs

Greg Crawford

Greg Crawford joined Mission Essential in 2019 and serves as Vice President, Intelligence Programs. Greg has over 25 years of proven military and civilian leadership experience. As a strategic business leader in our Intelligence Business Unit, Greg directs our global intelligence operations and collaborates with the Intelligence Community (IC) to provide mission-critical national security resources. He’s also a guest lecturer at the University of Virginia’s, National Security Policy Center (NSPC) where he helps academia shape research that solves real-world security matters.