As a trusted partner to the Defense and Intelligence Communities, Mission Essential provides tailored solutions to complex problem sets and supports intelligence operations for warfighters. Our intel center of excellence provides timely, insightful, objective, and relevant intelligence about the activities, capabilities, plans, and intentions of potential threats, both at home and abroad, to inform decisions on national security issues and events.

The characteristics of effective intelligence – timely, relevant, accurate, predictive, and tailored are the cornerstones of MEIS. Critical thinking and communication skills are as important as understanding the intelligence cycle. These skills are emphasized with MEIS personnel, regardless of the mission they support. 

ISR Mission Support

Large System Integration

A critical MEIS capability is integrating multiple data sources into a system of systems. By providing professional services that afford our clients a deep functional knowledge base of tactical receive terminals, UHF, and Network Messaging. Coupled with specialized expertise in our clients’ mission, MEIS continues to forge its reputation as a preeminent large system integrator.

Software Engineering

MEIS has assembled a world-class team of engineers proficient in the latest engineering tools, languages, and approaches. We have developed the Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB) Planning Tool (CIB-PT), which provides Combatant Command (CCMD) planners the capability to configure channel resources for more efficient and effective CIB services. These tools are critical to the timely dissemination to the tactical user of time-sensitive information, including targeting, threat warning, and threat avoidance.

Information Dissemination

Providing systems that rapidly filter tactical and strategic data and transmit integrated time-sensitive information to targeted users is a fundamental proficiency for MEIS. We provide subject matter expertise in the areas of IBS CCMD Information Management Element (IME) policies/procedures/processes, Integrated Waveform (IW), UHF SATCOM, and the CIB.

Enterprise Testing

As a trusted Verification & Validation (V&V) provider, MEIS utilizes advanced tools such as UCTS, designed by MEIS personnel, and was selected by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) as the primary test suite to perform CIB terminal certifications against the IBS-related MIL-STDs.

Logistics and Sustainment

MEIS has an Intermediate Support Facility (ISF) built to provide depot-level troubleshooting and repair of complex SATCOM assemblies such as the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Embedded National Tactical Receiver (ENTR).

Customer Outreach

MEIS provides guidance and training to joint-service representatives, national agencies, and global users. The topics covered include intelligence systems, data analysis, filtering techniques, exercise planning and support, and tactics to optimize operations effectiveness to various mission areas. Our outreach engagement includes tactics, education, and material solutions to satisfy user data dissemination requirements.

Mission Tailored Training

MEIS designs course content for personnel serving in operational, investigative, collection, and analytical roles throughout the DoD and the Intelligence Community. Tailored training is paramount to ensuring analysts are kept up to date with intelligence and security standards, procedures, tradecraft, and technology advances in the commercial sector.