Mission Essential Conversations: Great Power Competition – China

HERNDON, Virginia, October 21, 2020 – Mission Essential premiered part one of a four-part discussion between General Tony Thomas, the 11th Commander of US SOCOM, and Major General Clay Hutmacher, who served 40 years in uniform before becoming the President and Chief Executive of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Throughout the series, the decorated duo discussed the U.S. strategy orientation often referred to as a “2+3” strategy – a strategy for countering two primary global powers – China and Russia – and three additional challenges – North Korea, Iran, and extremist groups. General Thomas describes the current positioning with these powers as “arguably the most strategically challenging moment in my lifetime, if not the history of our country.”

Part one kicked off with an in-depth look at China, the preeminent threat to the United States. General Thomas assessed China’s threat level, strategic goals, strengths and vulnerabilities, and much more.

When discussing China’s strategic aspirations, General Thomas said, “China becomes a rich, powerful, respected nation. They undo 100 years of shame. They return to prominence; and that they rectify what they call territorial challenges,” he explained. “[It’s] a very specific plan, it’s out there.”

Join Mission Essential next week for Part 2 of the Great Power Competition: Russia.

This interview is a part of a larger webinar series, Mission Essential Conversations: A SITREP to trending matters of language and intel affairs.

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