Mission Essential Conversations: The Iran Dilemma

HERNDON, Virginia, October 12, 2020 – Mission Essential premiered its first two-part conversation featuring Col. Sean Corrigan (R), interviewed by Major General Clay Hutmacher (R). Col. Corrigan, a 30-year veteran of the United States Army, discussed the current dilemma the United States faces with Iran and the potential future of US – Iran relations.

Col. Corrigan’s expertise on Iran and the Middle East comes from his time as the Commander of a task force dedicated to countering malign Iranian influence in Iraq. He was also the Commander of all US Special Forces in Yemen from 2012-13 when Iranian-backed Houthi rebels attempted to seize the US embassy days after the Benghazi consulate. His first-hand experience observing Iranian irregular warfare activities in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, combined with his academic research background, gave him a unique perspective on Iran’s relations with the US and the region.

“The biggest threat [to the IRGC] is internal, a velvet revolution… an imposed internal revolution sponsored by the likes of the US or the UK or whomever,” said Corrigan. “They’re worried more about their own people than they are about us.”

This interview is a part of a larger webinar series, Mission Essential Conversations: A SITREP to trending matters of language and intel affairs.

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